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23 May 2007 @ 02:23 pm
and although we've been in spring for a few weeks, it feels like the spring has just caught a hold of us. there are moments when i swear we're only 2 weeks in and others when i think it must be 2 years. I hope it catches us and doesn't let go.

felt: like i've had my slate cleaned and anxious for the summer to visit home and his home
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23 May 2007 @ 01:54 pm
Alrighty.. so of course an interesting night refers back to The Castle (a heavy metal, rock alternative angry bar) that plays bingo on tuesday nights for prizes such as: skateboards, stuff from the Hempemporium, sex toys, wooden cobras, things with angry logos on them. I was extatic last night when i got a Bingo, only to discover when Bingo Caller Dude was checking my card that i had dabbed an uncalled G 41. The only thing is... if you call a "bullshit bingo" you get wacked on the ass by Bingo Caller Dude with a huge wooden spoon. I guess it's nice that they atleast let you pick soft, medium or hard... and of course i had to pick hard... heh. The next number he called after i sat back down was.. G 41. BINGO!!! except that 2 other girls got bingo at the same time.. so we had to do 3-way rock-paper-sissors and guess who never got a strike against her?!?! that's right the rock-paper-sissors Queen! As i'm looking around the prize table i spot a super nice flask with the virgin mary on it....(not normally my thing but the perfect memento for the ocation) and this chick standing beside me says..."you know... it's not empty" i pick it up and she's right, it's not.. Bingo Caller Dude looks at me and says "it's 3/4 full" and of course my smart ass remark is "well where'd the first quarter go?" He takes a single finger and points at his face with a huge smile ... Sold! He then leans over and whispers "by the way, it's gin. And keep it in your pocket cause i could get in a lot of trouble for that"... "done" i respond with a smile and sick back down. As i'm walking out the door after all the games were done Bingo Caller Dude shouts out in his mic "there goes the girl with the best prize of the night" heh
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24 April 2007 @ 09:05 am
Sooooo.... last week when i went to bingo at the Castle mark got an offer to pimp me out and this week i actually WON a round and then saw a huge girl fight.. like huge... death metal bingo players are tough.
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21 April 2007 @ 03:01 am
heh... so i'm drunk.. so what... ojk, so i decided that i won't go to sleep untill i am ear sober to that tomorrow will fell better whn i have to get upo just after 9 am.. bbbbboooooooo! am sucks.. mer mer mer.... drnku... so last week i met stef the german and tonight i caqlled her to come out with me and mike and she did and mark is alseep mer mer mer mer mer....rrrrrr.... i tired taling to him but her is asleep////// amd o need to eat food to be less drunkl cause3 it is 3 am and i still drunk 6 hours from now is not fun... mer mer mer..... mer mer mer... it;s jstu been a crappy few days a work and i had off wed and i don't get off tille next sat which may kill me...... oh my god shoot me now... i need food to gert rid of drunk... ,er ,er ,er
Current Music: of god this city
19 April 2007 @ 06:40 pm
yup :)
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16 April 2007 @ 05:31 am
normally in places of my past it would be quiet.. but this city never sleeps. I've heard elevator door, car horns, trains and i see many many lights on. This city confuses me, i hate the dirty, noisey, busy, homeless, lack of friends and fam. But i love the new place, new car smell, on my own, with him.

felt: nothing... i've never lived just for the sake of living. it feels very different.
Current Music: hey there delilah (plain white T's) is playing in my head
12 April 2007 @ 04:37 pm
sooo... here we are i am waiting for mark to come home from work so that we can go do grocery shopping. Kind of dorky, i dunno why but we love grocery shopping together. So the past few days have been going well. I was in a slump for a bit, i guess just the end of the school year and talking to friends about their jps and easter, and a card from the sis, and what not got me really missing home. And on top of that as spring started to show it's little head here in calgary it got me thinking a lot about last summer at the lodge, and the friends and the adventures and the carefree. I really wish we were heading back there. Now although i know i can make a lot more money here i think that if mark weren't starting up a business with brad that we'd be heading back. Besides my girls i think i'll miss the mountains and Lake Annette the most. sigh...

p.s. for those who read the last entry and wondered about the title... i'm gonna try to make my lj regular.. hehe

felt: ok today. They wanted me to come in and work tonight but i said no.. it was definately the right choice i don't want to end up pulling out all my hair.
Current Music: city sounds : ambulance, trains, horns, construction
11 April 2007 @ 07:59 pm
wowsa... so something a little birdy told me today sparked me into going back and reading all my old entries. there's not really a lot and i actually thought i started it earlier than i did hmm.... it was nice tho.. funny... I really should get back into writing more often. I think being out here a feel pretty alone and maybe this is where i can go to talk.
So in restarting the frequent journaling i have two little fluff stories to warm us up...
One is that last night while playing bingo with mark and mike and getting of so drunkity at a alternative/metal bar when i went to the washroom a woman came up and offered mark $1000 if he'd allow me to have sex with her.... so when i get back to the table mark says "hey wanna make some money tonight?" heh
Two is that today while walking along the street i saw a girl with these two large metal spikes (peircings) sticking out of her chin.. and all i can think is ...what if she tripped and fell on her face?

felt: ok today

(the other day mark said he convienced me to come out here... which i think is cute cause he didn't really have to)
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21 February 2007 @ 02:50 am
So apparently i haven't written in here since Dec 15th.... I think that's cause as soon as mid dec hit i was full on full-time work, christmas, packing... and in jan it was all about finding a job and work and getting settled and getting some friends... And so now apparently on my birthday i have amoment to sit back and waste some time... so... today is my birthday, definately the most different birthday i ever had... that being that i am away from home. My mom always makes a big deal about my birthdays. I've already opened marks present for me because we won't get to really see eachother tomorrow... Tickets to the theatre and tickets to see a Zydeco band ... and it was perfect and wonderful. We like giving gifts that we can create memories with... like for marks birthday i took us white water rafting. And the Zydeco band as weird as it sounds was excellent and wonderful and made me laugh.. it's a long story.. go rent "Shulte Gets the blues".. i love that man..i'm talking about the adorable old german guy in the movie but yea i love mark too.
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15 December 2006 @ 06:04 am
so tonight on the phone with mark i heard something that although it was on a bad subject made me feel really good. We were talking about these fact that tomorrow we have only 2 weeks till we're back together and i joked about how much it would suck if something happened and we ended with like 5 days left... i joked how it would be a real bummer to be stuck in this province after telling everyone i was leaving. we had a little chuckle and then it was quiet... and i asked mark (as i always do when he gets quiet) ..whatcha thinking... and he said how he couldn't even imagine if that happened, he couldn't imagine it not being us (which is what i was thinking) how willing we are to plan so much of the future around each other. I've never felt this.. it's.... some kind of wonderful.

felt: loved, safe, excited, anxious, stressed