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11 April 2007 @ 07:59 pm
Gonna get all "Two Scoops" on my LJ  
wowsa... so something a little birdy told me today sparked me into going back and reading all my old entries. there's not really a lot and i actually thought i started it earlier than i did hmm.... it was nice tho.. funny... I really should get back into writing more often. I think being out here a feel pretty alone and maybe this is where i can go to talk.
So in restarting the frequent journaling i have two little fluff stories to warm us up...
One is that last night while playing bingo with mark and mike and getting of so drunkity at a alternative/metal bar when i went to the washroom a woman came up and offered mark $1000 if he'd allow me to have sex with her.... so when i get back to the table mark says "hey wanna make some money tonight?" heh
Two is that today while walking along the street i saw a girl with these two large metal spikes (peircings) sticking out of her chin.. and all i can think is ...what if she tripped and fell on her face?

felt: ok today

(the other day mark said he convienced me to come out here... which i think is cute cause he didn't really have to)
Current Music: bout to watch some Scrubs