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12 April 2007 @ 04:37 pm
sooo... here we are i am waiting for mark to come home from work so that we can go do grocery shopping. Kind of dorky, i dunno why but we love grocery shopping together. So the past few days have been going well. I was in a slump for a bit, i guess just the end of the school year and talking to friends about their jps and easter, and a card from the sis, and what not got me really missing home. And on top of that as spring started to show it's little head here in calgary it got me thinking a lot about last summer at the lodge, and the friends and the adventures and the carefree. I really wish we were heading back there. Now although i know i can make a lot more money here i think that if mark weren't starting up a business with brad that we'd be heading back. Besides my girls i think i'll miss the mountains and Lake Annette the most. sigh...

p.s. for those who read the last entry and wondered about the title... i'm gonna try to make my lj regular.. hehe

felt: ok today. They wanted me to come in and work tonight but i said no.. it was definately the right choice i don't want to end up pulling out all my hair.
Current Music: city sounds : ambulance, trains, horns, construction