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23 May 2007 @ 01:54 pm
So about last night...  
Alrighty.. so of course an interesting night refers back to The Castle (a heavy metal, rock alternative angry bar) that plays bingo on tuesday nights for prizes such as: skateboards, stuff from the Hempemporium, sex toys, wooden cobras, things with angry logos on them. I was extatic last night when i got a Bingo, only to discover when Bingo Caller Dude was checking my card that i had dabbed an uncalled G 41. The only thing is... if you call a "bullshit bingo" you get wacked on the ass by Bingo Caller Dude with a huge wooden spoon. I guess it's nice that they atleast let you pick soft, medium or hard... and of course i had to pick hard... heh. The next number he called after i sat back down was.. G 41. BINGO!!! except that 2 other girls got bingo at the same time.. so we had to do 3-way rock-paper-sissors and guess who never got a strike against her?!?! that's right the rock-paper-sissors Queen! As i'm looking around the prize table i spot a super nice flask with the virgin mary on it....(not normally my thing but the perfect memento for the ocation) and this chick standing beside me says..."you know... it's not empty" i pick it up and she's right, it's not.. Bingo Caller Dude looks at me and says "it's 3/4 full" and of course my smart ass remark is "well where'd the first quarter go?" He takes a single finger and points at his face with a huge smile ... Sold! He then leans over and whispers "by the way, it's gin. And keep it in your pocket cause i could get in a lot of trouble for that"... "done" i respond with a smile and sick back down. As i'm walking out the door after all the games were done Bingo Caller Dude shouts out in his mic "there goes the girl with the best prize of the night" heh
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